A Rare Interview With King | Is Spotify Stealing Sound | The Breakroom

Jan 15, 2016

The highly popular music subscription streaming service Spotify has come under fire recently by two multi-million lawsuits from songwriters who claim that the company used their copyrighted material without any permission or compensation. University of Georgia teacher David Lowery is the named plaintiff in one of these cases and says that the illegal use of his copyrighted music entitles him and his fellow artists to a massive payday. Host Celeste Headlee sits down with copyright attorney Gail Podolsky to help unravel this thorny legal issue and discern if Spotify is truly in the wrong. Also, in 1961, a reporter at WNYC in New York held the first of three interviews with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. These interviews were just discovered in 2013 and have rarely been heard. A portion of them focuses on King’s childhood in Atlanta and how his hometown shaped his ideas about race, prejudice and leadership. Then, The Breakroom gang weighs in on an Illinois town warning residents about ‘suicidal deer’ with some unique road signs. Plus, Hugh Hefner is selling his Playboy Mansion, but is refusing to leave. And McDonald’s is working to reach out to clients with a more cultured taste. Could that draw in people who have turned their backs on fast food?