Radio Drama Explores 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt' In Troy Davis Case

Oct 17, 2018

In 1991, Troy Davis was convicted of the murder of Savannah police office Mark MacPhail and sentenced to death. The state of Georgia executed Davis in 2011 amid public debate over his guilt or innocence.


A new radio drama based on a 2016 play explores the meaning of "reasonable doubt" in the Davis case. We spoke with Lee Nowell, the playwright of "Beyond Reasonable Doubt: The Troy Davis Project," about the play's origins and its new life as a podcast on GPB.


To create the play, Lee combined research from court transcripts and ficticious characters who wrestle with Davis' guilt or innocence.

"The people who won in the court of law lost in the court of public opinion, and the people who won in the court of public opinion lost in the court of law," said Nowell of the Davis case.

"We're interested in telling why people believe what they believe," said Nowell, "The play is trying to get us to discern."

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