Racist Graffiti At Mercer University

Apr 28, 2016

A string of small arsons and racist graffiti at Mercer University in Macon are distracting students at the end of the semester when they would otherwise be worried about finals.

The graffiti was both written and removed Wednesday night on doors in Sherwood Hall, a co-ed freshman dormitory.  Freshman finance and accounting major Kenny Olaganju didn’t see the graffiti before it was removed, but he heard about it.

“All that I heard is that someone went through on the first floor and wrote the N-word with a hard R on peoples’ doors,” he said

Of the half dozen residents of Sherwood Hall that spoke to GPB, none had first hand knowledge of the graffiti. An email to the entire University community from Mercer President William Underwood filled them in. Underwood called the graffiti “shameful and ignorant conduct”  and said that despite gains in racial reconciliation “much work remains to be done.”

Olaganju, a third generation Nigerian American, says he prefers President Underwood’s email to having never known about the graffiiti at all.

“That would have probably been worse. I'd like to know that there are people here that don't want me here rather than have them, have just snakes in the grass everywhere,” he said.

Whether the five small fires that have been set in three separate buildings are related to the racist graffiti is unclear. Mercer University Police have a reward for information about the fires and are still looking for whoever is responsible for the graffiti.