Pups Or Property? | Rare Photos Digitized | Strippers Sue For Wages

Jan 26, 2016

A family is suing an Atlanta dog kennel after their dog died during its care there. But the kennel denies any wrongdoing and argues pets have only market value. This case is filed before the Georgia Supreme Court. Is a dog more than just a possession in the eyes of the legal system? Host Celeste Headlee sits down with Georgia State University Law Professor Tanya Washington to answer that legal question. Atlanta’s strip club scene is known as a launch pad for some of hip hop’s greatest hits. But for years, club owners have faced mounting lawsuits from dancers who say they’re being cheated out of unpaid wages and overtime. Host Celeste Headlee speaks with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Ariel Hart about the latest lawsuit and journalist A.R. Shaw about the impact of strip clubs to music and Atlanta culture. Plus, the New York Public Library released a digital collection of free, public domain photos this month. Some photos date back to the late nineteenth century and include snapshots of Georgia’s history. Host Celeste Headlee talks with Stan Deaton of the Georgia Historical Society about the collection's ties to the Peach State. Then, host Celeste Headlee speaks with Cynthia Roseberry, former manager of the 2014 Clemency Project, about criminal justice reform and a new report to address incarceration rates and prison overcrowding.