Public Service Commission Continues Hearings On Proposed Georgia Power Rate Hike

Nov 4, 2019

This week, Georgia's Public Service Commission will begin a new round of hearings in Atlanta on a proposed rate hike for Georgia Power customers.


The average user would pay an extra $200 dollars annually under the potential rate increase.


Georgia Power says it needs the money to repair infrastructure damaged by storms and to dispose of coal ash. 


Several protests and contentious town halls have been happening around the state as many customers oppose any kind of rate hike.  


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Nathaniel Smith, who leads the Partnership for Southern Equity, says the cost is too high for vulnerable Georgians.


“These are folks who are forced to choose between their prescriptions and their light bill or their groceries and their light bill," said Smith.


The latest round of hearings will run from Monday until Thursday, with representatives from Georgia Power, the City of Atlanta, the Department of Defense and Concerned Ratepayers of Georgia scheduled to speak.


The PSC is expected to vote on the rate hike in December.