Proposed Abortion Clinic Draws Protest In Macon

May 21, 2018

Plans for a clinic that would provide abortion access drew protest in Macon. 

About 150 anti-abortion protesters sang, prayed and held sometimes medically graphic posters outside the proposed location of a Summit Medical Center clinic in downtown Macon. Summit Medical Center operates a clinic in Atlanta and another in Detroit.

Macon has been without an abortion provider for decades and there are no providers in the Middle Georgia region in general. Tanya Little, communications director with Summit Medical Centers says that leaves women in the region with few options for abortion access. 

"You're closest clinic would likely be Florida, Savannah or Atlanta. Or Columbus. You could go to Columbus," Little said in a phone interview.

That leaves women in Middle Georgia an hour's drive away or more from an abortion provider.

Little says the clinic is expected to open in about six months.