Jul 20, 2019
Originally published on July 20, 2019 2:09 pm
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Now, panel, what will be the next big app everybody goes nuts for? Maeve Higgins.

MAEVE HIGGINS: Oh, it's called FaceOff (ph), and it makes you look like Nicholas Cage.


SAGAL: Alonzo Bodden.

ALONZO BODDEN: There's going to be an app with no filters, no effects. You'll take a picture and see what you actually look like.


SAGAL: God forbid. Mo Rocca.

MO ROCCA: It's called the Rum Tum Tugger app. It tells you what cat you'd be in the musical "Cats"...

HIGGINS: (Laughter).

ROCCA: ...Even though I already know that I would be Skimbleshanks, the railway cat.

HIGGINS: (Laughter).


BILL KURTIS: Well, if any of that happens, panel, we'll ask you about it on WAIT WAIT... DON'T TELL ME.

SAGAL: Thank you, Bill Kurtis. Thanks, also, to Maeve Higgins, Alonzo Bodden, Mo Rocca.


SAGAL: Thanks to all the staff and crew at the Blossom Music Center. Thanks to everyone at WCPN ideastream and everyone at WKSU. Thanks to our fabulous audience here at the Blossom. You're the best.


SAGAL: And to all of you out there for listening. I'm Peter Sagal. We'll see you next week. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.