Politics Friday: Religious Freedom Pushback And A Break From The Campaign Trail

Mar 18, 2016

Will he sign it or will he veto it?

Gov. Nathan Deal is going to the get that question a lot in the coming days, after the legislature quickly passed a bill that grants religious exemptions to opponents of same-sex marriage.

Those against the measure, including many in the business community, are urging the governor to reject the bill. Religious conservatives want him to take a stand.

Deal is in a tough spot, says GPB's Bill Nigut. The governor could take the heat and veto the bill, since he's in his second term and not running for office again. "On the other hand, he's still got a legislative agenda he wants to pass over the rest of his term," Nigut says. "He doesn't want to alienate all those legislators."

We also talk with GPB's Sarah McCammon. She's spending the year covering the presidential campaign for NPR. After an intense week with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, she's resting for a few days in Washington.