Politics Friday: How Republicans Are Learning To Love (Or At Least Be OK With) Trump

May 13, 2016

A new poll from WSB-TV shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a statistical tie in Georgia. But it's still the early days in the the general election campaign. Neither candidate has officially won their party's nomination, and 16 percent of voters in that poll are undecided. 

Meanwhile, Georgia Republicans are embracing Trump with varying degrees of enthusiasm. GPB's Bradley George and Bill Nigut talk about what GOP leaders are saying about their party's apparent nominee. 

GPB's Sarah McCammon, covering the presidential race for NPR, has spent a lot of time in Nebraska. The state's junior senator, Ben Sasse, is one of the most outspoken "Never Trump" Republicans. Sarah also talks about why NPR describes Trump as the "apparent" or "assured" nominee, but not "presumptive."