Political Rewind: Why Does Bigotry and Racist Rhetoric Dominate Headlines?

Jul 17, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, Sam Olens ran two successful statewide campaigns for attorney general and chose not to confront the anti-semitic slurs directed at him from some voters, a decision he now regrets.

He’s speaking out for the first time about what he experienced, saying he realizes it is never appropriate to stand silent in the face of bigotry. 

Also, the raging controversy over what many are calling President Donald Trump’s bigoted remarks about four Democratic congresswomen of color. Two Georgia congressmen were key players in the House of Representatives’ vote to condemn the remarks as racist.




Greg Bluestein -- Political reporter, The Atlanta Journal Constitution


Andra Gillespie -- Political Science Professor, Emory University


Tharon Johnson -- Democratic Strategist


Sam Olens -- Former Georgia Attorney General