Political Rewind: What is The Future For Criminal Justice In Georgia?

Apr 16, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, we look at criminal justice in Georgia.

Over his eight-year tenure, Gov.Nathan Deal drew the attention of the nation as he overturned the get tough on crime policies of his successors and passed reforms that gave many criminal offenders a chance to redeem themselves.


What impact have the ‘Deal Reforms’ had on the prison population here? Has it achieved the goal of reducing the number of repeat offenders? We look at the numbers.


We also discuss what work remains and whether Gov. Brian Kemp will continue the progress.




Kevin Riley -- Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Howard Franklin -- Democratic Strategist


Marissa McCall Dodson -- Public Policy Director, Southern Center for Human Rights


Carey Miller -- Fmr. Executive Counsel, Gov. Nathan Deal