Political Rewind: Into the Weeds On Health Care Reform

Oct 29, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, Democratic presidential candidates are dueling over a variety of proposals for improving delivery. We’ve heard them tout their various plans for Medicare for All or a public option to Obamacare, all while promoting “universal health care.”

What do these terms really mean and how would they be paid for? Our panel explores the health care debate’s terms and explains the proposals.


Here in Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp is expected to reveal his plans for expanding health care to under-served Georgians as soon as next week.

The governor will be asking for federal approval for a limited expansion of Medicaid, but who will benefit from his proposal and who will be left behind?


Ariel Hart — Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Andy Miller — Founder and Editor, Georgia Health News

Kevin Riley — Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution