Political Rewind: Voting Commission Meets For First Time Since Election

Dec 12, 2018

On this edition of Political Rewind, Brian Kemp declares it’s time to set aside politics and govern for the good of all Georgians. Are Democrats ready to bury the hatchet after a brutal campaign?


The panel looking at new voting systems meets for the first time since the election today. We’ll look at why one member of the group is recommending that the state adopt paper balloting.


Proposals to broaden medical marijuana laws will be on the agenda in the upcoming legislative session. How will bills allowing production of cannabis oil in the state be received by conservatives?


Plus a look at how Georgia won the battle to bring Norfolk Southern’s headquarters to Atlanta.




Greg Bluestein -- Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Rusty Paul -- Mayor of Sandy Springs


Teresa Tomlinson -- Mayor of Columbus


Mary Margaret Oliver -- Democratic State Representative (82nd District)