Political Rewind: Vote to Expand MARTA to Gwinnett County

Feb 25, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, a crucial vote that will give us clues about the appetite for transit in metro Atlanta starts today. Will voters approve a measure to expand MARTA to Gwinnett County? We’ll talk with the county’s chairwoman Charlotte Nash, who is leading the effort to bring MARTA to Gwinnett.

We also discuss what role past MARTA management problems and racial distrust have played in the long history of failed efforts to expand the system.

The second half of the 2019 legislative session is underway. Among the measures still to be decided: a bill to authorize a new voting system. Legislation to make modest reforms of state election rules and a proposal to empower Gov. Kemp to develop plans for a possible expansion of Medicaid.


House Speaker David Ralston took time on the House floor to respond to the allegations that he has used his position as a state lawmaker to delay cases he handles as a private attorney. Ralston announced a bipartisan group to review the law and propose changes.



Jim Galloway -- Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Michael Owens -- Chairman, Cobb County Democrats


Heath Garrett -- Republican Strategist


Charlotte Nash -- Chairwoman, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners