Political Rewind: Trump Tweets Keep Georgia Immigration Community On Edge

Jun 24, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, the immigration community takes a sigh of relief after President Donald Trump temporarily delayed plans to round up millions of undocumented immigrants across the country. What is next for Georgia’s immigrant community?

Meanwhile in detention centers near the southern border watchdog groups are reporting that many children are being held under dire conditions. Some detained children do not have access to soap, toothpaste, fresh water and other essentials.

The new head of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Vic Reynolds says he supports a bill that would keep guns out of the hands of those convicted of domestic abuse. We’ll talk about why the bill failed during this years session and how the new support may help it pass next year.




Jim Galloway -- Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Jen Jordan -- State Senator (D-6)


Ed Lindsey -- Republican Strategist


Charles Kuck -- Immigration Attorney