Political Rewind: Teresa Tomlinson Discusses Plans for 2020 Senate Run

Apr 5, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, the former mayor of Columbus, Teresa Tomlinson, has become the first formal Democratic challenger to Sen. David Perdue for his Senate seat in 2020. We talk with Tomlinson about what lead her to her decision and what her plans are if Stacey Abrams decides to enter that same race.

With the 2019 legislative session now over, candidates for Congress, the general assembly and other races are ramping up their campaigns. We’ll look at the latest in the state’s most highly competitive congressional districts.


Plus, Democrats say that GOP actions during the session give them the chance to claim the mantle of the party of business.




Jim Galloway -- Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Stacey Evans -- Former Gubernatorial Candidate

Eric Tanenblatt -- Republican Strategist


Teresa Tomlinson -- Former Columbus Mayor