Political Rewind: Tensions Rise Over Relief Funding

Apr 10, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, the despair of Georgia farmers is deepening as Congress and the president holds Hurricane Michael relief funds hostage to a seemingly intractable political feud. what will break the logjam?

As Stacey Abrams continues to deliberate about her political future, a new presidential candidate poll shows she’s making an impact on Democratic voters across the country. Meanwhile, another Georgia Democratic woman is gaining a place in the national spotlight. We talk about State Senator Jen Jordans appearance on the hill.


A conservative political action group says they’re mobilizing to re-elect GOP legislators who supported the fetal heartbeat bill.




Greg Bluestein -- Lead Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Tamar Hallerman -- Washington Correspondent, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Ceasar Mitchell -- Former Atlanta City Council President


Jake Evans -- Chairman, Atlanta Young Republicans