Political Rewind: State Democrats Gain 'Unity' Senate Candidate

Jan 30, 2020

Thursday on Political Rewind, Rev. Raphael Warnock, the pastor of historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, announced he is a candidate for Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s U.S. Senate seat.

Georgia Democrats have urged Warnock to enter the race because they see him as a unifying candidate the party can rally around.

Meanwhile, state and national Republicans are quickly picking sides now that Rep. Doug Collins has declared he will challenge Loeffler.

Collins and the GOP Senate Campaign Committee are warring over whether his entry will dilute the Republican vote and hand the seat to Democrats.


Adam Van Brimmer — Executive Editor, Savannah Morning News

Jackie Cushman — Author, Republican Strategist

Tamar Hallerman — Senior Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tharon Johnson — Democratic Strategist