Political Rewind: Rep. Doug Collins On Capitol Hill Issues, Washington Dysfunction

Jun 7, 2019

Today on Political Rewind, Rep. Doug Collins has found himself in the national spotlight as a key defender of President Trump and as the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee.

He is pushed back by House Democrats who are fighting to investigate the President on a wide range of issues. Collins has remained critical of Democrats on the Judiciary Committee who wish to continue investigating the president following the conclusion of Robert Mueller's report.   

"We’re getting to a point where the report speaks for itself. The point where the report didn’t say what the Democrats wanted it to say," Collins said of the efforts to continue inevestigating the president.   

Collins is also a leader in the Republican effort to strengthen border security. In May, he traveled to El Paso, Texas to see the problems with the surge in migrants trying to enter the country for himself.  


Doug Collins – Republican Congressman, Georgia’s 9th Congressional District  

Jim Galloway – Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution