Political Rewind: A Range Of Issues On The Table During Georgia Legislature's First Week

Jan 15, 2020

Wednesday on Political Rewind, we tackled a range of issues that will be considered this year in the Georgia legislature, including sex trafficking and a state takeover of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 

Some Georgia farmers interested in growing hemp will be paying close attention. They have been cautioned they cannot move forward with growing the potentially lucrative crop until the state finds funds for overseeing production.

Also, Gov. Brian Kemp is putting the finishing touches on his State of the State speech, which he will deliver before a joint session of the General Assembly Thursday morning. The speech will lay out broad strokes for what he hopes to accomplish this session.


Greg Bluestein — Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wendy Davis — Rome City Commissioner

Amir Farokhi — Atlanta City Councilman, District 2

Cody Hall — Press Secretary, Office of Governor Kemp