Political Rewind: The President Wades Into Loeffler And Collins Feud

Feb 7, 2020

Friday on Political Rewind, President Donald Trump hinted that he is looking for a compromise to end the showdown between U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler and U.S. Rep. Doug Collins. The two Georgia Republicans are running for the same U.S. Senate seat.

Trump did not make it clear he will step into the contest or how he thinks he could resolve the head-to-head battle.

Several key supporters and donors of U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney now say they feel betrayed by his vote to find the president guilty on the charge of abuse of power. The Utah Republican cast the only guilty vote. Georgia U.S. Sen. David Perdue has joined the chorus of his fellow Republicans criticizing his Senate colleague.


Patricia Murphy — GPB’s Lawmakers Capitol Reporter

Howard Franklin — Democratic Strategist

Eric Tanenblatt — Republican Strategist