Political Rewind: President Trump Prepares to Address Nation During Shutdown

Jan 8, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, leaders at the state capitol are beginning to write the budget for the coming fiscal year. But how could signs of a possible economic downturn affect their spending plans? Our panel looks at the challenge.


She’s under pressure to make a decision about whether to run against U.S. Senator David Perdue. Now, Stacey Abrams says she’ll take the next three months to decide her next steps. How will that affect other Democrats looking to run against Perdue?

Dekalb County congressman Hank Johnson continues under fire for remarks comparing Donald Trump to Hitler and for making demeaning remarks about Trump supporters. We’ll talk about Johnson’s comments and the angry response from one GOP Congressman.


Plus: President Trump prepares to make a national address from the southern border. Our panel weighs in on the potential benefits and risks of his appearance.



Kevin Riley -- Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Mary Margaret Oliver -- Democratic State Representative


Audrey Haynes -- Political Science Professor, University of Georgia


Ed Lindsey -- Republican Strategist