Political Rewind: Power And Access At Play In Debate Over Voter Integrity

Dec 20, 2019

Just hours before the start of another court hearing challenging a massive voter registration purge, the secretary of state’s office admits it took away the registrations of some 22,000 people by mistake. Our panel looked at the latest news in the ongoing battle over voter integrity.

And in her first interview as a candidate for the U.S. Senate, Kelly Loeffler calls herself an anti-impeachment, anti-abortion, pro-Trump Republican. Will she hold off GOP challengers by hewing to the party line?

And, as we reach the end of a history-making week, we looked at what the impeachment of President Trump tells us about our divided state and country and what it might mean for the 2020 elections. How did Georgia members of Congress acquit themselves in the marathon House impeachment debate? Our panel weighed in.


Jim Galloway – Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sam Olens – Former State Attorney General

Amy Steigerwalt – Professor of Political Science, Georgia State University

Michael Thurmond – DeKalb County CEO