Political Rewind: The Politics Of Hurricane Dorian

Sep 3, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, Hurricane Dorian is disrupting life along Georgia's sea coast. Even as it appears the storm may skirt by the state, Gov. Brian Kemp is experiencing a major test in weather emergency. How is he responding? Saving lives comes first, but politics always follows. As we look into the storm response, our panel weighs in on how weather has played a key role in politics over the decades.

Also, there is a special election for a seat in the Georgia State House. It has received little attention, but it could give insight into the stability of David Ralston's position as Speaker of the House. 

Plus, Teresa Tomlinson earns a big endorsement in her effort to unseat Sen. David Perdue.


Jim Galloway -- AJC Lead Political Writer

Ed Lindsey -- Republican Strategist 

Jeremiah Olney -- Democratic Strategist

Martha Zoller -- Republican Strategist