Political Rewind: Policy On Trans Students' Rights Draws Attention in Pickens County

Oct 14, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, a battle brews in Pickens County after the school superintendent issues a rule allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice, leaving some parents up in arms. Our panel weighs in on the controversy in north Georgia.

“Attitudes are changing, they are in flux," The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Jim Galloway said. "And this is something that the wall may hold for a number of years, but eventually I think there’s going to be a breach.” 

As more cities across Georgia choose to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, some legislators are convinced the state should reduce penalties as well. Is a bill easing penalties for possession expected to win in the next session of the legislature?

Plus, new polls show that public support for the impeachment investigation into President Trump is growing along with support for him to be removed from office. How will the polls influence Georgia’s congressional delegation?


Jim Galloway — Lead Reporter at The Atlanta Constitution-Journal

Mark Rountree — Republican Pollster