Political Rewind: New Polling In Georgia Takes Closer Look At 2020, Issues Critical To Voters

Nov 14, 2019

A new poll of registered voters in Georgia suggests President Donald Trump has challenges ahead as he works to win the state in 2020. The results give us a snapshot of which Democratic candidates might be most successful in beating the president in Georgia. Our panel looks at the data.

Midwestern Democrats on the House Agriculture Committee issue a report complaining that southern farmers – and Georgians especially – are getting bigger shares of the emergency relief money than those in other parts of the country.

And, as impeachment hearings get under way, we look at how the first day of testimony laid out the arguments we are likely to hear from both Democrats and Republicans in the weeks ahead. Which side seemed to win the day yesterday?


Buddy Darden — Former Georgia Democratic Congressman

Tamar Hallerman — Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Edward Lindsey — Republican Strategist