Political Rewind: New Efforts to Reopen the Government

Jan 23, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, as legislators continue budget hearings at the state capitol, attention has shifted to spending priorities for the coming year.

Gov. Brian Kemp’s teacher pay raise, along with other spending proposals, got a boost when lawmakers heard testimony that the state’s economy is still growing. At the same time, Democrats have produced data they say shows the cost for the state to underwrite Medicaid expansion is much more affordable that Republicans have maintained they’ll continue their push to make it happen.

Plus, the U.S. Senate is preparing for two votes aimed at reopening the federal government. Neither is expected to pass and as the shutdown continues, officials at Hartsfield-Jackson airport say they are growing increasingly worried about what it means for handling super bowl crowds.




Tamar Hallerman -- Washington Correspondent, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Greg Bluestein -- Lead Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Amy Steigerwalt -- Political Science Professor, Georgia State University


Eric Tanenblatt -- Republican Strategist


Scott Holcomb -- Georgia House Representative (District 81)