Political Rewind: Local Races Heat Up, Governor Makes Questionable Appointment

Jul 8, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, Democrats across the state are crafting their strategy to attempt a majority in the next state legislative election. Hoping to mobilize voters around the heartbeat bill and internal GOP party struggles, party leaders are optimistic.

Some Republican lawmakers have lost support from an anti-abortion groups because they say their stance is not strong enough and simply voting for HB 481 is not enough to protect them.  Gov. Brian Kemp responds to a lawsuit that claims Puerto Rican driver’s license applicants are being treated differently than other citizens. The governor also made a quiet appointment to the Judicial Qualifications Commission that is likely to gain criticism from some of the states top judges.  Panelists: Jim Galloway -- Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  Sen. Tonya Anderson -- Democrat, District 43 Angelic Moore -- Executive Director, Fulton County Republican Party