Political Rewind: Kemp Makes His Choice On Senate Seat

Dec 4, 2019

On Wednesday's Political Rewind, Gov. Brian Kemp officially announced that Kelly Loeffler is his pick to replace the retiring Sen. Johnny Isakson. An Atlanta business executive, Loeffler is new to the game of politics. 

What can we expect from Loeffler as a senator and as a senatorial candidate leading up to Georgia’s 2020 elections? And, now that the announcement has been made, how will conservative Republicans react to Kemp’s choice? How will Rep. Doug Collins, President Donald Trump’s choice for the Isakson seat, respond?

Our panel also discusses Isakson’s farewell address on the floor of the Senate, where over 40 senators commended his long career. 


Greg Bluestein — Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Heath Garrett — Republican Strategist 

Dr. Andra Gillespie — Professor of Political Science, Emory University