Political Rewind: Jon Ward on Feud Between Edward Kennedy and Jimmy Carter

Feb 5, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, Jimmy Carter won the White House as an outsider whose successful grassroots campaign took Democratic party regulars by surprise in 1976. But by 1980, with multiple crises driving down confidence in the Carter presidency, many Democrats thought it was time to turn to the last remaining scion of a legendary Democratic family.

It was then that Edward Kennedy launched an almost unprecedented bid to deny a sitting president the chance for a second term in office.

As journalist Jon ward describes in his new book Camelot's End, the feud between Carter and Kennedy was one of the most bitter in modern political history, and he says it started long before Kennedy challenged Carter in 1980.



Jon Ward -- Author, Camelot’s End: Kennedy vs. Carter and the Fight that Broke the Democratic Party