Political Rewind: Impeachment Poised To Play Role In Georgia Election

Nov 1, 2019

Today on Political Rewind, the deep partisan divide among Georgia congressmen is apparent as the U.S. House votes to launch a formal impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump. How will the weeks ahead play into 2020 elections here and across the nation?

Also, Gov. Brian Kemp unveils the first phase of his health insurance waivers. We will look at his plan to subsidize the high cost of coverage for many Georgians.

Plus, adding a new chapter to the culture wars in the Georgia legislature, a GOP state representative wants to make it a criminal offense for doctors help a minor with gender transition.


Andra Gillespie ⁠— Emory University Associate Professor of Political Science 

Mo Ivory ⁠— Attorney, Motivational Speaker 

Kevin Riley ⁠— Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Martha Zoller ⁠— Republican Strategist, Talk Show Host