Political Rewind: Healthcare and The 2018 Election

Oct 30, 2018

On this edition of Political Rewind, healthcare has become one of the hottest issues on the campaign trail during the 2018 Midterm Election. In the race for governor, Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp continue to duel over the expansion of Medicaid.


In congressional races, GOP candidates are touting their commitment to protecting pre-existing conditions but are faced with a chorus of calls from Democrats calling it the most disingenuous claims Republicans could make. 

Meanwhile, Georgian's are getting a look at the rates they'll pay on the ObamaCare insurance exchanges. Despite dire warnings from President Trump about healthcare costs rising beyond affordability, many are finding their premiums will go down.  


Kevin Riley -- Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tamar Hallerman -- Washington Correspondent, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Kyle Hayes -- Co-Host/Founder, PeachPod

Andy Miller -- Founder, Georgia Health News

Pamela "Cuffy" Sullivan -- President, League of Women Voters of Coastal Georgia