Political Rewind: Grading Georgia's Public Education System

Sep 9, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, we’re focusing on the state of public education in Georgia.



After decades of reform efforts by one governor after another, is student performance across the state improving? Are we still subjecting students to too many standardized tests?  Will there be any effort by leaders under the Gold Dome to create a new funding formula that addresses the needs of poorer school systems? What about teacher pay and retention?  Also, Gov. Brian Kemp has vowed to dismantle Common Core standards in Georgia and he’s created a study group to begin the process. But what exactly is Common Core and what has it accomplished?


Jarod Apperson — Assistant Professor, Spelman College

Maureen Downey — Education Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jim Galloway — Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution

Mary Margaret Oliver — State Representative (D - DeKalb County)