Political Rewind: GOP State Convention Crafts 2020 Message

May 20, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, at their state convention this weekend, Georgia Republicans made it clear they’ll tie their 2020 destinies to President Trump and to the conservative politics Trump has championed.

David Perdue insisted that Trump’s re-election will prevent a pernicious Democratic slide into socialism.


Gov. Kemp mocked Hollywood critics of the abortion law he’s enthusiastically embraced. And party regulars insisted that Trump can’t win re-election without winning Georgia. Our panel weighs in on where the Georgia GOP stands coming out of their gathering in Savannah.


Plus, Bernie Sanders makes a pitch for black votes as he campaigns in Augusta and Stacey Abrams joins hands with Democratic women running for president to condemn the GOP assault on abortion rights.




Heath Garrett -- Republican Strategist


Andra Gillespie -- Political Science Professor, Emory University


Elena Parent -- Democratic State Senator