Political Rewind: GOP Lawmakers Set Legislative Agenda

Dec 14, 2018

Today on Political Rewind, Governor-elect Brian Kemp and lawmakers are honing their agendas for the upcoming legislative session. Help for struggling rural areas of the state, a new voting system for all Georgia and expanded marijuana laws are on the docket. But what about hot-button issues like religious liberty and more liberal gun carry proposals? Our panel looks at how the session is shaping up.

After contentious battles on capitol hill, Congress has passed a new farm bill. What’s included and what was left out for Georgians?

Plus, the 2018 midterm election is finally over but within the next month, we’ll see a parade of candidates lining up for 2020 contests. Our panel looks at what we can expect in the months ahead.


Jim Galloway -- Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Loretta Lepore -- Republican Strategist


Greg Bluestein -- Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Rep. Scott Holcomb -- Democratic State Representative (District-81)