Political Rewind: Georgia Judiciary Members Prepare For Mueller Testimony

Jul 23, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, Robert Mueller will give his highly anticipated testimony on Capitol Hill tomorrow. With four members on the House Judiciary Committee from Georgia, what roles will they play during the hearing? 

On the campaign trail, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Teresa Tomlinson has announced she will push for the federal legislation to make recreational and medical marijuana legal nationwide. Her stance is something that her newly announced primary challenger, Ted Terry, has long been in favor of.  

The legalization of marijuana has become a big issue on the campaign across the state, how do we expect voters will respond to her position?


Kevin Riley -- Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Martha Zoller -- Republican Strategist

Melita Easters – Founder and Director, Georgia WIN List

Tamar Hallerman -- Washington Reporter, Atlanta Journal Constitution