Political Rewind: Georgia Featured In Prominent Role During 2020 Election

Feb 14, 2020

Friday on Political Rewind, what is the role of Georgia in election year politics? National attention turns to the Peach State in 2020.

Earlier this week, Lucy McBath announced her support for Bloomberg. The endorsements come as the former New York City mayor tries to recover from the leaked remarks he made in a 2015 speech defending the “stop and frisk” policing policy.

Also, House budget writers are rejecting a number of Gov. Brian Kemp’s demands for significant cuts legislators say would harm the ability of state agencies to protect the public. Among other items, the State House wants to restore funding for the Department of Agriculture’s food safety inspection program. Kemp and House leaders have been at odds for months over the governor’s call for major cuts to the state budget.


Robert Costa — Host, PBS’s Washington Week

Jim Galloway — Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Patricia Murphy — Reporter, Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Lawmakers

Sam Olens — Former State Attorney General

Michael Thurmond — CEO of DeKalb County