Political Rewind: Finances Roll in for Georgia Candidates, 6th District Voters and President Trump

Jul 9, 2019

Today on Political Rewind, the cash behind the campaigns. What do the fundraising numbers for candidates reveal about their support and how could the races in 2020 play out?


Incumbent David Perdue and Teresa Tomlinson are battling it out for the senate. Does Tomlinson have the financial support at this point to take on Perdue, or do other potential candidates see an opportunity to jump in? If so, who?

Plus, how do 6th district voters feel about impeachment efforts against President Trump, at least according to Republicans?

And, a Republican state senator from metro Atlanta joins us for the first time. We will ask him what he and the GOP are doing to keep his district red amid changing demographics.

Greg Bluestein -- Political Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 
Mary Margaret Oliver -- Democratic State Representative
Kevin Riley -- Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
P.K. Martin -- Republican State Senator