Political Rewind: Does Wealth Help or Hurt in 2018 Midterm Election?

Aug 15, 2018

On this edition of Political Rewind, the ballot in Georgia’s 2018 midterm election is divided along money lines. Multimillionaires and candidates of more modest financial means are running in high-profile races. After reviewing financial disclosure statements from several candidates, our panel discusses whether personal wealth will be a blessing or a curse in this year’s contest.

Plus, immigration continues to be one of the most polarizing issues in Georgia and across the country. We look at why President Donald Trump and his closest immigration adviser are receiving pushback against their hardline policies.  

Around 200 news publications across the United States have committed to a Boston Globe-coordinated effort to run editorials Thursday promoting the freedom of the press, in light of Trump’s frequent attacks on the media.

The Boston Globe and more than 200 newspapers around the country are planning coordinated editorials promoting the freedom of the press, in response to the president’s war against the media. But should the media engage or remain neutral in the face of White House attacks? Our panel weighs in.


Greg Bluestein - AJC Lead Political Writer

Chuck Kuck – Immigration Attorney

Brenda Lopez – Democratic State Representative

Todd Rehm – Owner, Editor GaPundit.com