Political Rewind: Decision Inching Closer On Isakson's Senate Seat

Nov 15, 2019

Today on Political Rewind, Gov. Brian Kemp sets Monday as the deadline to apply for Sen. Johnny Isakson’s seat. More than 500 people have offered themselves for the job, including some prominent GOP leaders and well-known Georgians. We ask our panel if they expect more big names to come forward in the final days of the process.

When Democratic presidential candidates take the stage in Atlanta for the debate next week, we can expect to once again hear calls for Medicare for All. But, new data reveals that candidates who embraced the program fared poorly in 2018 elections.

Could Medicare for All proposals cost the Democrats the White House in 2020? 


Jim Galloway —Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution

Cody Hall —Press Secretary, Gov. Brian Kemp 

Ceasar Mitchell —Former Atlanta City Council President (D) 

Amy Steigerwalt — Political Science Professor, GSU