Political Rewind: David Brooks On Living A Moral Life

Jun 3, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, David Brooks is one of The New York Times most widely read and respected opinion writers. He’s a familiar presence on public television and radio and his books routinely become best sellers. So why did he wake up one morning and realize something vital was missing in his life? He decided he lacked purpose and connection and that we as a society were similarly afflicted.

This is where his new book “The Second Mountain, The Quest For A Moral Life” began. Brooks spent several years searching for meaning and exploring values that had genuine meaning.

During his research, Brooks realized that the country as a whole also needed to reassess how we measure success. He challenges readers to explore what drives them and what goals they find themselves working towards.

What does it mean to look beyond self-interest and to strive for more? Brooks explores what it takes to live for causes larger than yourself.


David Brooks -- Author, Political Commentator