Political Rewind: Cracking Open a Russian Troll Farm

Aug 10, 2018

On this edition of "Political Rewind," we’ve heard a lot about Russian tampering with our elections but what visible evidence has been seen that it’s happening? We talk to a Clemson University researcher who says the proof is closer than you think, after discovering 3 million tweets created by a Russian troll farm.

Georgia Power has been facing heat over the cost to build new nuclear units at Plant Vogtle, but, this week, the company announced they’d underestimated the expenses by some $1.1 billion. We talk to a member of Georgia’s Public Service Commission about what this means for the future of the plant and for Georgia Power customers. 


Buddy Darden – Former Congressman

Tim Echols - Georgia Public Service Commissioner

Jim Galloway – AJC Lead Political Writer

Loretta Lepore - Republican Strategist

Patrick Warren - Clemson University Associate Professor of Economics