Political Rewind: Concerns Raised Over The 300,000 Georgians To Be Struck From Voter Rolls

Oct 30, 2019

Today on Political Rewind, the secretary of state has announced plans to strike more than 300,000 Georgians from the voter rolls. Similar to the 2018 election, voting rights groups are calling the move an attempt to surpress votes, while the secretary of state’s office says it is an effort to ensure honest elections. Our panel looks at the arguments on both sides.

The Democratic race for Sen. David Perdue’s seat is well under way, but the contest to fill the seat Sen. Johnny Isakson will soon vacate remains surprisingly inactive. When will Gov. Brian Kemp announce his choice for the job and are potential Democratic candidates missing an opportunity to get a jump start on the race?

Plus, now that Democrats have announced plans to open their impeachment hearings to public scrutiny, how will Georgia’s GOP congressional members respond?


Greg Bluestein ⁠— Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Stacey Evans — Democratic Strategist

Tamar Hallerman — Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Brian Robinson — Republican Strategist