Political Rewind: After New Hampshire, Presidential Candidates Plan Next Steps

Feb 12, 2020

Wednesday on Political Rewind, breaking down the results from the New Hampshire primary.  Vermont’s Sen. Bernie Sanders has won a narrow victory over Pete Buttigieg, while Sen. Amy Klobuchar surged into a third place.

Our panel of experts will look at how the candidates spun the results and discuss the arguments each will likely make moving forward to Nevada and South Carolina.

Plus, the demographics of the Georgia voter are shifting. After a wave of new voter registrations last year, nearly a third of voters are under 35 years old. And while most Georgia voters are white, that majority is gradually shrinking each year.


Alan Abramowitz — Political Science Professor, Emory University

Greg Bluestein — Politics Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Andra Gillespie — Political Science Professor, Emory University

Audrey Haynes — Political Science Professor, The University of Georgia

Amy Steigerwalt — Political Science Professor, Georgia State University