Political Rewind: Abortion Debate Continues With Emotional Testimony At Capitol

Mar 15, 2019

On this edition of Political Rewind, it's been another week of highly charged debate over controversial issues in Georgia and in the nation's capital. Legislators here continue to battle over the bill that would virtually outlaw abortions in the state even as they've now approved a new system for voting that critics insist won't prevent cyber attacks.

 Meanwhile, the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate has voted to overturn President Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency at the border. Twelve Republican senators defied the president, but our panel looks at why Johnny Isakson and David Perdue stood strong for Trump.  Plus with the Democratic presidential field now all but set which Democrats are likely to play well in Georgia.  Panelists: Jim Galloway -- Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Donna Lowry -- Capitol Correspondent, GPB Lawmakers Sam Olens -- Former State Attorney General Michael Thurmond -- Dekalb County CEO