A Pirate Cannabis Oil Operation Under The Golden Dome

Apr 2, 2018

The race for governor of Georgia has turned into a sprint now that the 2018 general assembly has concluded its business. What ammunition did the session give to candidates for Georgia’s top offices? Our panel weighs in.

In an exclusive story for the Atlanta Journal Constitution this weekend, Jim Galloway revealed that State Representative Allen Peake,  the state’s biggest champion of medical marijuana has been conducting an illegal operation out of his capitol office, distributing cannabis oil to those who have the legal authority to purchase it for relief from one of a variety of medical conditions. While Peake is stepping down from the legislature, he says he’ll continue his distribution effort moving forward.             

The panel also weighs in on the harsh words former President Jimmy Carter had for President Trump during an appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert.

And we look at President Trump’s latest Tweet storm in which he focuses his wrath on what he calls Mexico’s lax border enforcement, and on Democrats, who he says have killed any hope of extending DACA. The panel looks at the accuracy of the Trump tweets.


Jim Galloway, AJC lead political writer

Julianne Thompson, Republican political consultant

Howard Franklin, Democratic political consultant

Jackie Cushman, conservative columnist