OST Full Show: Prince Harry and Meghan, Refugees, Xernona Clayton, Oscar Nominations

It made headlines when Queen Elizabeth II agreed to grant Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle their wish for a more independent life, allowing them to move part-time to Canada while remaining firmly in the House of Windsor. We speak with Emory history professor Dr. Patrick Allit and CNN senior writer Lisa Respers France to analyze the historical context and current implications of their move to this side of the pond.

Should Georgia continue to resettle refugees in the state? The conversation surrounding this very question resurfaced when Governor Brian Kemp came up against the deadline to respond to an executive order from President Donald Trump. Though the executive order was recently struck down, we sit down with a conservative businessman in Clarkston who supports both Trump and refugee resettlement.

Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Hear an excerpt from an interview with Xernona Clayton when she came to GPB Atlanta for a screening of An American Story: Race, Amity, and The Other Tradition. Clayton was friends with the King family and became the first African American in the Southeast to have her own television program. She also founded the Trumpet awards to recognize the accomplishments of African Americans.

Last year, Jackie Cooper blew up. On Second Thought spoke to the 77 year-old retiree from Perry, Georgia after his weekly “Entertainment Rundown” captured the attention of a YouTube superstar. Jackie’s weekly viewers catapulted from 146 viewers to well over 146,000. Now, we lean on him to talk about awards season, and the fierce criticism that followed the Academy Awards nominations, which were announced on Monday.