OST Full Show: Pitbulls, White Supremacy, Playist Refresh, Choloteca

Pitbulls: they’re the dog that “America loves to hate,” and Jason Flatt is devoted to saving them. We learn how tragedy and depression transformed Flatt, and how a puppy saved his life. Now, he spends his time saving the most neglected — and least wanted — dogs that come across his foundation, Friends to the Forlorn.

Three north Georgia men were arrested last week in connection to a white supremacist group called "The Base." We’ll unpack the details of the arrests and how extremism has grown in Georgia as well as in the nation.

Are your music playlists still cycling through last year’s hits? We asked Atlanta’s Paste Magazine to help keep us up to date with fresh tunes. We hear about both highly anticipated and under-the-radar record releases to expect in early 2020.

Since late 2016, a group of young Latinx people have been throwing a monthly dance party. It’s called La Choloteca, an effort to reclaim a slur used against people of indigenous origin. It bills itself as “a party with a mission”: to create a safe and inclusive space for all identities and anyone who wants to jam out to Latin tracks. Producer Pria Mahadevan went to a “Choloteca” and brought back this audio postcard.