Officials Offer Boating Safety Tips

May 24, 2019

Headed out on the water this Memorial Day weekend? Public safety officials have some tips to stay safe.


Police say you should never pilot a boat if you've been drinking. They say to carry a life jacket for every person aboard. Also, make sure a fire extinguisher is available.


And file a float plan, said Sgt. Daniel Walker of the Chatham County Marine Patrol.


"Tell somebody who's not going with you where you're going, how long you plan on being there, when you plan on returning, how many people's going with you,” Walker said. “That way if something does happen we know where to come looking for you."


The U.S. Coast Guard has an app where you can file a plan.


Walker said when it's congested it's also good to slow down and keep a sharp eye out for other boats.


Two fishermen died on Lake Lanier following a collision earlier this month.