New Madrid: GPB Music Session

Sep 28, 2016

Southern music is hot right now. From Americana to hip hop, there are plenty of artists seeking to hang their sound on the hook of some piece of the Southern musical tradition. Meanwhile, there are other artists who have unmistakably carved out a piece of Southern sonic soil for themselves, even if unintentionally. Athens band New Madrid could fall into this second category. On their third full length, "MAGNETKINGMAGNETQUEEN," the band indulges in some more of the guitar-driven, atmospheric, firework-laden psych rock that characterized their first two albums. And while some of the longer songs (I'm looking at you, "Guay Lo") can feel a little krautrocky, there is still enough spaciousness, languor and rhythmic swing to make you nod your head in understanding when the band tells you they recorded in a cabin on the Tennessee River.

Track listing:

"Bee Rapture"


"Don't Hold Me Now"

"Guay Lo"